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2014 New Black Belts

Congratulations to the following SKE members who successfully passed their Black Belt grading examinations this year. We wish you every success with your training and future progress.

Black and Brown Belt Gradings are always preceded by a dedicated pre grading course. It is in your own interest to attend all of these courses to ensure that you are aquatinted with all of the requirements of grading. SKE has ten of these courses per year.

Wayne Euston Moore –
Harry Kent – Shodan
Charlie Addicott – Shodan
Ruby Lloyd – Shodan
Divya Tank – Shodan
Oliver Plater – Shodan
Aodan Bayford – Shodan
Kyle Francis – Shodan
Stephen Pitt – Shodan
Liam Searson – Shodan
Joseph O’Neill – Shodan
Rupert Plater – Nidan
Denise Harrison – Nidan
Joshua Herbert – Nidan
Sean Baker – Nidan
Lee Atkinson – Nidan

The next ‘Clubmark Course’ and Dan Grading is in 2015. Full list of dates will be posted on our events page.